Past life regression in safe hands.

Are you curious? Do you ever wonder? Do you want to know for sure?

Past life regression can be a valuable therapeutic tool.  

Past life regression can also be done for experimental  purposes for the sake of curiosity.

What ever your reasons for wanting a regression you can be sure you are in safe hands at   

Past life regression is most safely done in the hands of a qualified

 psychologist therefore at londontherapy we are able offer past life


The technique used to access past life is hypnosis as it is the most expedient way into the subconscious.

It is pointed out that there are three possibilities that may occur during a past life regression

The first being you may have several past lives.

The second being you may have  no past lives.

The third being there is a surprise that comes to light.

Be sure what ever the outcome, being in safe hands psychologically ensures that your session is enjoyable and 


A tape is made and offered as a keepsake of your past life experimental experience. 

We are individuals and we have individual answers.

Please note if something surprising  is uncovered the correct therapeutic help  is given before the person who was  

regressed leaves the consulting room. This is  to ensure safe psychological health.

 100 for a session beginning before 3pm and 120 for a session beginning after 3pm  all Saturday sessions are double the weekday price.

 We are based in the West End of London .

Or have your session by telephone at a cost of 50 day time or 70 evening.

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